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Lower Costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction with Maitre’D POS in You Hotel


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Lower Costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction with Maitre’D POS in You Hotel

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The Problem

Valor’s POS solutions had fallen out of step with the growing sophistication of both their guests and of hospitality technology. The POS systems they were using had become increasingly awkward and expensive—a trend that grew more serious as more time passed.

  • At the same time, for a variety of business reasons, the cost of those systems, and of support and services, far outgrew the value. As the solutions aged, it became increasingly complicated and frustrating to maintain and upgrade them.
  • And there was personal frustration, stemming from a lack of strong communication with their vendors. “We’re hoteliers—not IT people,” Nick remarks. “We need any member of our team to be able to reach out any time to an expert who can help us use the system and solve problems. We just weren’t getting that kind of responsiveness.”
  • Finally, from a general standpoint, the lack of a single standardized solution created immediate problems, and put up strategic roadblocks for the future. Valor needed a POS that would support their long-term strategy which was focused on integrated, multiple channels (which might include table pay, in-room ordering and other innovations down the road) connecting to the POS.

The Solution

Valor had both tactical and strategic goals for the POS they selected.

A proven, modern tablet solution was a tactical must have. “Our analyses made it clear that maximizing the amount of time our staff were on the floor was a straight line to increased revenue, increased profitability and—most important—happier customers.”

Strategically, their goal was to mine, analyze, report and—most importantly—act on the large volume of purchase and preference data generated through the POS. There was a second, related, objective here. Valor needed the expertise and experience of the company behind the POS to best understand what analysis they could perform, the most efficient way to perform it, and how to then use the POS to take action on what that analysis told them.


After exploring multiple solutions, Valor Hospitality decided to standardise on Maitre’D POS Software Suite. Almost all the functionality they needed, including strategic analysis and reporting, were part of the core system. With the mobile ordering solution offered by Maitre’D, Valor Hospitality now has the perfect configuration for their immediate and near-term tactical needs.

Today, Valor is 1/3 through the process of switching all their UK systems to Maitre’D. Here’s the report card to date.

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